Barry Bealer inducted into Philadelphia 100® CEO Hall of Fame Society

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Dec 20, 2011 9:11:00 AM

barry bealer

Really Strategies is closing out a stellar performance in its 11-year history and is pleased to announce that CEO, Barry Bealer, was recently inducted into the CEO Hall of Fame Society at the 2011 Philadelphia 100® awards ceremony. In recognition of steady leadership, continued growth, and constant innovation Mr. Bealer was recognized by the Entrepreneurs´ Forum of Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Business Journal, and Wharton Small Business Development Center.

Induction into the CEO Hall of Fame requires the executive to have held the position of CEO for five or more instances of the company’s inclusion on the Philadelphia 100® list of fastest growing privately-held companies in the Philadelphia region.

Mr. Bealer along with his colleague, Lisa Bos, CTO, founded the company in 2000 to provide XML and content management consulting services to publishers and media organizations. In 2006, the company transitioned to become a software provider, offering three different types of content management software for publishers and technical publishers---RSuite CMS, RSuite Cloud, and DocZone.

"Indeed I am honored and humbled to achieve this recognition but no one person is responsible for success," stated Mr. Bealer, co-founder and CEO of Really Strategies. “Sustained growth is a team effort. The Really Strategies’ team has always involved both employees as well as our customers. We measure success by client satisfaction.”

Mr. Bealer has held executive positions with Reed Elsevier and project management and senior software engineering positions for GE Aerospace. He holds an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Millersville University.


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The Oxford Index (Beta) - A holiday treat for the inquisitive soul

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Dec 15, 2011 10:44:00 AM

Oxford Index BetaOxford University Press recently launched the Oxford Index, a search and discovery gateway to Oxford's digital academic content. The Oxford Index is available free of charge to all and provides a portal to discover trusted scholarly content from Oxford and its partners. As the website states, "One search brings together top quality content and unlocks connections in a way not previously possible." The portal is currently in beta format and already includes an impressive collection of content, including

  • All content from University Press Scholarship Online (including Oxford Scholarship Online), a collection of academic monographs from leading university presses worldwide (more than 80,000 chapters from 7,200 titles)
  • All content from Oxford Handbooks Online (more than 3,400 chapters from 100+ titles)
  • Over 150,000 articles from 235 Oxford Journals

The Index does not contain full-text content but provides an abstract preview with links to full-text content (some of which may require a subscription...but not all). From now until March 2012 the Index will evolve in response to feedback. Hundreds of thousands of scholarly articles, reference entries, and bibliographies will continue to be added along with more site functionality.

At Really Strategies, we are particularly excited about this portal because RSuite CMS is one of the systems that helped make it possible. RSuite serves as the central repository and metadata hub for Oxford University Press and the Oxford Index.

From acupuncture to Werner Herzog, I've discovered scholarly content from trusted peer-reviewed sources, which I find terribly important during this era of big data overload.  When the family gets too hectic during the impending holiday season, you'll find me cuddled up in front of the fire exploring "Surrealism, Dada, and the Refusal of Work: Autonomy, Activism, and Social Participation in the Radical Avant-Garde" (full text for this gem is available!).

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DocZone celebrates 6 years as the leading cloud-based DITA content management solution for technical publishers

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Dec 13, 2011 12:06:00 PM

DocZone is DITA content management for tech pubsDocZone is the industry’s first award-winning software as a service (SaaS) XML content management system designed for technical publishers. This month marks the 6th year of serving the DITA-based tech community. We're proud to have an annual 98% renewal rate among customers such as Texas Instruments, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Agfa Healthcare, Citrix, Epson America, Kyocera, TechProse, Unica Corporation, and many others.
DocZone provides a SaaS platform for authoring, editorial review, localization, and single-source publishing. TechProse, a full service technical writing, training, and instructional design consulting service company, reports
“Using the automated publishing to PDF and HTML5 Help available in DocZone, we decreased the cost to publish content to multiple output channels by 15%. Further, by taking advantage of DocZone’s DITA reuse features we decreased the cost to author and maintain content by an additional 35%. The overall savings per year to update the documentation is now 50% and growing as we mature our processes!"

Want to see DocZone for yourself?

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eBook sales half full? Latest stats on US ebook sales

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Dec 1, 2011 4:19:00 PM

US ebook salesAccording to Mediabistro, September 2010 ebook sales were reported to be around $40M. This year, September sales are reported to be $80.3M.

Now the optimist in me is thrilled to see +100.9% growth in the ebook market.

The pessimist is bummed that September represents a 10% drop from August 2011 ebook sales of $89M.

The realist is reserving judgment and waiting to compare numbers after December 2011 sales have been tallied.

The capitalist is concerned that overall tradebook sales have declined -6.45% since 2010.

The nihilist wonders what do books, sales, and half-full glasses even matter.

And The Dude says, "Hey, nice marmot!"

What's your view on the latest sales metrics?


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