Christopher Hill From RSuite CMS to Speak at MarkLogic World in Las Vegas

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Mar 25, 2013 9:25:00 AM

Chris Hill to Speak at MarkLogic World 2013RSuite CMS, a content management system for publishers, is a gold sponsor of MarkLogic World 2013. Christopher Hill, vice president of product development at RSuite CMS will host a session demonstrating RSuite CMS, the industry’s first enterprise content management system powered by MarkLogic. He will detail the benefits of XML-first, XML-early, and XML-hidden workflows in various publishing scenarios from leading publishing organizations using RSuite CMS.

RSuite CMS is the software of choice for many of the world’s leading publishers. Publishing organizations of all sizes use RSuite CMS to search, store, manage, and transform content into print and digital products.

“XML is the foundation that enables multichannel publishing for publishers and media companies, but authors, editors, and reviewers have struggled to work with it effectively,” explained Christopher Hill, vice president of product development at RSuite CMS. “At last, the tools and technology have caught up. At MarkLogic World I’ll demonstrate how publishers use RSuite CMS to ultimately generate new revenue from digital products.”

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