RSuite CMS 4 Now Powered By MarkLogic 7

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Dec 9, 2013 9:43:00 AM

RSuite 4 Now Compatible with MarkLogic 7RSuite CMS, a content management system for publishers, is now powered by MarkLogic 7, the industry’s leading Enterprise NoSQL database. RSuite CMS 4 provides an entirely new user experience through an intuitive user interface that minimizes actions required to execute complex searches across an entire set of content, globally apply metadata, dynamically organize content into collections, package and distribute content to licensing partners, and much more.

“RSuite and MarkLogic have had a wonderful partnership over the past seven years,” stated Christopher Hill, vice president, product management at RSI Content Solutions. “While MarkLogic provides the foundation, the RSuite toolset adds a robust set of capabilities that publishers can leverage to meet their multi-channel publishing goals.”

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