Register today for #RSuiteUC15!

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Feb 19, 2015 8:45:00 AM

Register now for #RSuiteUC 15
Please ​join ​us ​for ​our ​7th ​annual ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​and ​tech ​day ​conveniently ​located ​at ​The ​Hub ​Cira ​Centre ​in ​Philadelphia ​(attached ​to ​Amtrak’s ​30th ​Street ​Station) ​on ​Tuesday, ​5/5 ​– ​Wednesday, ​5/6. ​ ​ 

User ​conference ​(Tuesday, ​5/5) ​preliminary ​agenda ​includes: 
    •  ​RSuite ​roadmap ​overview 
    •  ​​New ​RSuite ​features ​reveal 
    •  ​​RSuite ​client ​case ​study ​presentations ​and ​demonstrations 
    •  ​​Breakout ​sessions 
    •  ​Fireside ​chats ​for ​clients ​to ​provide ​product ​feedback 
    •  ​​And ​more! 
Our ​tech ​day ​(Wednesday, ​5/6) ​preliminary ​agenda ​includes: 
    • RSuite ​plug-in ​architecture ​overview 
    • Best ​practices ​for ​extending ​RSuite 
    • Topic-based ​technical ​deep ​dive ​(e.g., ​semantics) 
    • One-on-one ​conversations ​with ​our ​RSuite ​technical ​team 
The ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​will ​be ​limited ​to ​the ​first ​100 ​registrants ​and ​the ​tech ​day ​will ​be ​limited ​to ​the ​first ​25 ​registrants. ​ ​Please ​register ​early ​to ​reserve ​your ​seat! 

More ​details ​to ​come! 

MarkLogic ​is ​the ​exclusive ​Gold ​sponsor ​of ​the ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​and ​tech ​day.

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RSuite CMS and MarkLogic 8: Match made in heaven

Posted by Christopher Hill on Feb 10, 2015 4:07:00 PM


The enterprise NoSQL database powering RSuite CMS has a major new update: MarkLogic 8. A wealth of new features are available in MarkLogic 8. Many of these are designed to make managing your data simpler, cheaper, and faster than ever before and will immediately be usable with existing RSuite installations. Other enhancements will provide our product team with new tools that will power features in upcoming future RSuite releases.

After taking advantage of the MarkLogic early release program, the RSuite product team has certified that RSuite is ready to be deployed using MarkLogic 8.  RSuite customers may contact support at anytime for upgrade coordination.  

We would like to congratulate our partner on this exciting release. By advancing the state of the art for database technology MarkLogic helps RSuite continue to raise the standard for content management.

For more information on MarkLogic 8 visit

For more information on RSuite visit  

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RSuite truly is Publishing Automated

Posted by Barry Bealer on Feb 3, 2015 9:15:00 AM

describe the imageWhen you hear a tag line from a business, do you believe it?  Some companies have nailed the tag line such as American Express (Don’t leave home without it!) while others are questionable given their press over the years (Bank of America:  Higher Standards).  Tag lines are without a doubt the first reflection of a company’s culture and their ability to deliver on their promises.

When we changed our tag line for RSuite last year we thought very hard about what would reflect our culture and our product?  Developing a tag line is not easy, but our team settled on “Publishing Automated”.  There were two main reasons for the change in tag line from “Content Management for Publishers” to “Publishing Automated”:

  1. RSuite is being licensed and used by more and more organizations that publish but would not be considered a traditional publisher.
  2. RSuite continually was touted by our clients as their publishing automation tool that significantly decreased their production timelines.

So for the reasons above our team at RSI felt that “Publishing Automated” truly did reflect what RSuite is all about.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s just a sample of the feedback we have received from our RSuite clients over the last few months:

"The first book we published through RSuite reduced the production time from 12 weeks to 2 weeks.”

"RSuite reduced our process to update marketing information from 10 days to only a few minutes."

“We published our book so fast that our marketing department was not prepared to begin to promote it because they were used to the old production timelines!”

“RSuite has reduced our publishing cycle by 75% and we feel we can reduce that even more.”

Needless to say the RSI team continues to work hard to make all of our clients realize their publishing automation goals.  While “Publishing Automated” may be a relatively new tag line for our business and software, it remains the core of why we built RSuite in the first place and will certainly be the focus of future product releases.  

Let us show you how RSuite could reduce your production time by 50% or more!  Signup for a demo.
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