Orbis Awarded U.S. Patent for Ontology Harmonization and Mediation Systems and Methods

Posted by Sergei Moore on Sep 7, 2018 4:37:11 PM

(Annapolis, Md.) On August 14, 2018 Orbis Technologies, Inc. was awarded a U.S. Patent entitled, “Ontology Harmonization and Mediation Systems and Methods” (U. S. Patent No. 10,049,143 B2). The name of this award is the same as Orbis’ patent from November 22, 2016 (U. S. Patent No. 9,501,539), and they are similar in that they both cover aspects of query translations however, there are some major differences. This patent is focused on query translations and not on aspects of ontology mapping.  In addition, the patent emphasizes the ability of the ontology mediation and harmonization system to operate efficiently.  Queries that are compatible with a database ontology will not be translated, while queries that are not compatible with a database ontology will be translated.  The system seamlessly integrates the result sets returned from databases of different ontologies with result sets of the first ontology.

 This is Orbis’ sixth patent in semantic search and ontology mediation.

Founded in 2006, Orbis is recognized as an industry leader in services and technologies for designing and developing next-generation Enterprise Content Management Software, Solutions, Services and analytics. Orbis holds its corporate office in Annapolis (MD), with additional offices in Orlando (FL), Tampa (FL), Audubon (PA), and Chennai, India.

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