Content Management Never Looked So Suite: Announcing RSuite 4

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Nov 29, 2012 10:42:00 AM

RSuite 4 | Content Management for PublishersRSuite 4. New Look. Proven Engine.

Today, the newest version of RSuite CMS has been announced and we can't wait for publishers to experience all the new features and tools. RSuite 4 offers a redesigned, more intuitive user experience with action-oriented contextual menus, search-based content navigation, accordion-style search results, and a user interface (UI) with intentional color design. In fact we've found that the new UI provides greater productivity among editorial and production groups while drastically reducing the learning curve. This means your team will reap the benefits of contet management faster than ever.

“With RSuite 4, we’ve coupled a great user experience with very powerful content management. The unified search and browse experience helps users contend with large volumes of content and assets. This version of RSuite will make content management approachable to a wider range of users---marketing, new product development, and sales. This will further expand the opportunity for our customers to get even more value out of their investment in content management. We continue to focus our efforts to enable publishers to implement a strategy for multi-channel products readily adaptable to future market-driven needs.”  ---Christopher Hill, vice president of product management at RSI Content Solutions.

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Digital Revenue Metrics Revealed from 2012 Publishers' Survey

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Nov 26, 2012 3:37:00 PM

RSI Content Solutions Publishers' Survey

RSI Content Solutions and Data Conversion Laboratory have surveyed and collected input on the state of technology adoption and digital revenue metrics from publishing and media organizations. Join us for a webinar on December 6 as the survey results are revealed and analyzed by Barry Bealer, CEO and co-founder of RSI Content Solutions, and Mark Gross, CEO of Data Conversion Laboratory. 

Don't miss Barry and Mark's insight and perspective on 

  • How publishers are approaching the digital landscape to benefit customers
  • How organizations recognize increased revenue from multi-channel publishing
  • What you can do to achieve greater revenue from digital products in 2013

Webinar Details | 2012 Publishers' Survey Results

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Title: Reality Check: The Truth from the Publishers' Perspective

Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Space is limited.
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RSuite Customer Tribute: Audible, Inc.

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Nov 16, 2012 8:21:00 AM

RSuite Customer Tribute: Audible, Inc.

Audible Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ:AMZN),  was founded in 1995 by Donald Katz. The company invented and commercialized the first digital audio player in 1997, 4 years before the introduction of the iPod. One of the few startups to survive the dot-com bust, Audible was designed to be a destination and a daily literary service for serious readers who wish they could read more—and for the huge population of would-be serious readers who don’t have the time to read what they want or need to read.

The company introduced one of the first digital audio players in 1997. The following year it published a Web site from which audio files in its proprietary .aa format could be downloaded. Today, Audible is the Internet's leading provider of spoken audio, entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible is the exclusive provider of audiobooks to all Apple's iTunes Music Stores worldwide.

How to Increase Revenue?

In 2007, Audible saw an opportunity to improve sales if it could easily identify and share its products in the Internet space and provide open APIs to allow partners to easily integrate with Audible. A solid metadata foundation was the critical component to achieve these goals.

Content Management to Improve Workflow, Metadata, Content Distribution

RSuite CMS was selected to manage metadata used to create Audible's online product catalog. RSuite's metadata management and customizable user interfaces and APIs offered Audible the tools needed to effectively manage content and support workflow functionality. Audible completed a successful proof-of-concept project with RSuite CMS in which several use cases were identified. During this stage many business rules were also documented that were applicable to improving Audible's business opportunities. Audible worked with RSuite's developers to configure and deploy RSuite CMS after installation.

RSuite CMS became the framework upon which Audible crafted solutions to meet all its requirements: workflow, business rules validation, content aggregation and delivery, publisher feeds, audit trail, and product prototyping. In 6 months, Audible configured and implemented RSuite CMS to become both the database of record for its metadata content and its workflow tool that enables seamless transfer of content from publisher feeds to web site-ready files.

 "RSuite has become a very critical system very fast!" 

--Art Zegarek, Director of Data Architecture, Audible, Inc.


How Can Content Management Help Your Organization?

RSuite CMS is used to by the world's leading publishers to create, store, manage, and deliver content. Contact us to learn how publishers are using RSuite CMS to deliver content to licensing channels, automate ebook production, streamline common editorial and production tasks, and much more.

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The Second Rule of Content Management: Enrich with Metadata

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Nov 14, 2012 3:10:00 PM

metadata enrichmentMost publishing companies have one of those folks on staff who is intimate with the content. Someone who knows all the images that were used in a previous edition or which drug monographs couldn't fit into the printed product in time for publication. I used to be one of those people..ask me the ghost words embedded in Tabers' Cyclopedic Dictionary, 18th edition*. Even with a photographic memory, today's proliferation of content makes this skill nearly impossible. I also like to bring up the lottery scenario risk: "what happens if Jim in Production wins the lottery and all that knowledge leaves your organization?"

To effectively manage content, organizations need a handle on what they have. Publishers using a Word document system simply can't be agile in today's environment. Think about a document sitting on some file server, with all its attendant assets—images, charts, chapters and paragraphs—buried within it, and the only way to know what content is in there is for someone in your organization to remember that it’s there.

Without enriching your assets with metadata and storing them in a repository that allows you to search and find content relating to a specific topic—say, tennis elbow or the Higgs boson—you could be duplicating work recreating assets you already own, wasting time searching for those assets, and missing huge revenue opportunities to sell content granularly as a custom bundle or a focused derivative e-product.

At this year’s MarkLogic World conference, Nature Publishing Group (an RSuite CMS customer) presented an explanation of how they support what I would call ‘virtual journals’. There are very specific segments of the scientific world that would not possibly justify the creation of a full-blown journal, but when you start to realize, ‘Hey, we have this very large repository of existing journals with some articles across all of them that appeal to this market, and if we gather these articles up from all these other journals, we’ve got enough content to be of interest to this marketplace.’ Suddenly you have the option to create an online-only product (for example) with very low internal costs that is of specific interest to this niche market that previously was too small to be worth going after. It’s a long-tail concept but without applying metadata consistently and systematically this simply couldn't happen.

Metadata isn't magic and it really isn't all that complicated---you need the proper tools, workflow, and people in your organization. And once you have that set up, the fun begins---new product development, automated distribution to new licensing channels, multi-channel output.

Download our latest white paper and learn how publishers are increasing revenue with strategic content management, including metatadata enrichment. The free white paper includes two case studies from Human Kinetics Publishers and Elsevier Health Science.

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strategic CMS

*While I no longer work at that publishing company, I won't ever tell!

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The First Rule of Content Management: Centralize Content

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Nov 6, 2012 10:45:00 AM

Educational publisher Triumph Learning knew that digital products would be the ticket to offering great products to its customers as well as being in a position to compete against some of the larger educational publishers in the industry. But to bring digital products to market, it was understood that step one was centralizing content.

Chief business development officer, Robert Methven, shares how in just 1 year Triumph Learning has been able to centralize, inventory, and reuse more than 25 years' of assets to create "Readiness for the Common Core." 

We now have a whole new business line that may generate tens of millions of dollars for us based off of being able to leverage our assets that we put into CMS that we now converted and delivered into a new product offering. A year ago we didn’t even have that idea on our product roadmap.

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1. Centralize your content

2. Inventory and understand your assets

3. Develop new digital products quickly

4. Refine digital products based on customer feedback

RSuite CMS | Content Management for Publishers

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