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Posted by Sarah Silveri on Oct 3, 2013 9:04:00 AM

RSuite CMS | Enterprise Content Management for PublishersI recently read a post by CMS Critic's Holly Write which made me think. Today's content needs to be managed by more than just a straw man content management system. Content comes in all shapes and sizes because no one works from just one program or machine. Whether its an Adobe InDesign file or a Word file, the CMS that your content lives in needs to be more robust than ever. It needs to handle authoring, editing, production, distribution, and of course storage.

Until now, this type of content management system was nearly unheard of. Aside from it being flat-out non-existent, if it did exist, it would be clunky, ugly, and no one who needed to work in it would be able do so. It would simply be too hard for someone without a technical background to operate. Holly Write from CMS Critic stated, "One of the biggest reasons that companies invest in content management systems is to allow their less technical users to manage content." When a publisher explores the possibility of purchasing a content management system, among other things, they look for:

      • ease of use
      • minimal learning curve
      • a beautiful user interface
The easier system is out of the box, the less amount of work needs to be done on their end, and the easier worker's lives are. There are many content management systems in this world, but RSuite CMS is the only content management system for publishers that manages content and digital assets from creation and continues managing it all up to the point distribution (it even includes task management).

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