Skyhorse Publishing Licenses DocZone Book Publisher

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 23, 2012 10:02:00 AM

DocZone Book Publisher, a cloud-based XML publishing system

“America’s Fastest Growing Small Publisher” Will Use DocZone Book Publisher to Simultaneously Publish Print and Digital Books

Skyhorse Publishing recently licensed DocZone Book Publisher, an end-to-end book publishing solution that automates output to both print and ebook formats. In 2011, Publishers Weekly named Skyhorse Publishing “America’s fastest growing small publisher.” Founded in 2006, the publishing company is quickly gaining recognition among customers and has already had three New York Times bestse

llers. Skyhorse—with its five imprints (Arcade Publishing, Allworth Publishing, Skyhorse, Sports Publishing, and Sky Pony Press) now boasts a backlist of 1,500 books.

“We are thrilled to add Skyhorse to the list of publishing companies who use DocZone Book Publisher as part of its digital publishing strategy,” stated Dan Dube, EVP Cloud Solutions at Really Strategies, Inc. “DocZone Book Publisher will help Skyhorse Publishing automate production processes and publish PDFs and ebooks without the use of off-shore resources while saving time and money.”

“We are often asked how a new publishing company can make it in the current environment,” stated Abigail Gehring, managing editor at Skyhorse. “Our focus is on quality content and implementing appropriate tools, like DocZone Book Publisher. As a result we are the nimble publisher who can publish great books with modern tools and processes.”

Some of the world’s leading publishers use DocZone Book Publisher to increase revenue with faster time-to-market and achieve an XML-first publishing process.

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Really Strategies to Unveil DocZone Book Publisher™ at Digital Book World Conference 2012

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 19, 2012 1:19:00 PM

DocZone Book PublisherReally Strategies will introduce the newly released DocZone Book Publisherat Digital Book World Conference 2012 in New York City (stand 31) from January 23rd to 25th.The Digital Book World Conference 2012 is the only conference that offers trade publishers hard data on the state of the book business, as well as actionable, proven strategies for taking immediate advantage of opportunities as they develop in today’s publishing industry.
“DocZone Book Publisher is the only end-to-end book publishing solution that automates output to both print and ebook formats, as well as provides online editorial tools, workflow, and language translation. DocZone Book Publisher is the latest entry based on our award-winning DocZone cloud platform for XML content management and multilingual “push button” publishing. Now, book publishers can take control of their editorial and production processes for a similar price to using an offshore service provider. Any book publisher attending this event is invited to take part in a free consultation with one of our digital publishing specialists.” --Dan Dube, EVP Cloud Solutions

Some of the world’s leading publishers use DocZone Book Publisher to increase revenue with faster time-to-market and achieve an XML-first publishing process. 

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Can You Publish Your Book Content Anywhere, Anytime?

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Jan 16, 2012 4:51:00 PM

Come visit DocZone Book Publisher at stand 31 at Digital Book World Conference and Expo 2012 and learn how book and trade publishers are simultaneously publishing to print and ebook, while saving time and off-shore production costs.

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Publishers are struggling with strategies to make the big switch from print-centric to digital-first book publishing. DocZone Book Publisher is the only cloud-based book publishing technology platform that can publish your digital content to print and digital formats, in any language, with the click of a button.

DocZone Book Publisher is an end-to-end publishing solution that provides:

  • online editorial tools
  • workflow
  • language translation
  • automated output to print-ready PDF, HTML, and eBook formats.

Digital Book World Conference is the only conference that offers trade publishers hard data on the state of the book business as well as actionable, proven strategies for taking immediate advantage of opportunities as they develop in today’s publishing industry.

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Really Strategies Recognized by Philadelphia SmartCEO Magazine: 2012 Future 50 Award

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 13, 2012 10:06:00 AM

2012 Future 50 AwardReally Strategies was recently recognized as a winner of the 2012 Philadelphia SmartCEO/ Clifton Gunderson Future 50 award. The award recognizes the area’s 50 fastest-growing companies based on employee and revenue growth over the past 3 years. The impressive group leads companies that boast $10 billion in collective revenues and manage more than 55,000 employees in the Greater Philadelphia area.

In addition to the group of Future 50 winners, SmartCEO recognizes Emerging Growth and Blue Chip winners. Emerging Growth companies generate $1 to $5 million in revenue, but have experienced significant revenue and employee growth over the last 3 years. Blue Chip companies generate more than $500 million in revenue, have demonstrated steady growth, and have a reputation for providing high-quality management, products and services.

“While the past 3 years have been economically tough all over, Really Strategies has consistently maintained that publishers can increase profit growth through better content management. Our award-winning software helps publishers accelerate revenue, which in turn strengthens our company and commitment to our product line."
- Barry Bealer, CEO and co-founder, Really Strategies, Inc.

“Comprehensive growth is applause-worthy in healthy economic times. This year’s group of winners has ignored the recession and created innovative new avenues for growth. The business community is healthier and stronger due to their efforts.”
- Craig Burris, president and co-founder, SmartCEO magazine

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Digital Publishing Strategy: A CMS Case Study with Triumph Learning

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 10, 2012 3:49:00 PM

Triumph Learning Uses RSuite as a Core Part of its Digital Publishing Strategy

Educational Publishing: Dynamic Content Creation Begins Here with Triumph Learning

A free webinar | January 26, 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST

Triumph Learning serves instructional materials to more than 25 million students across the country. More than three brands serve up a range of curriculum needs, including test prep resources, digital curriculum, and classroom kits. In this free webinar, Christopher Hill, VP of product development at Really Strategies will interview Robert Methven, CTO of Triumph Learning. They’ll discuss how a large-scale organization developed a successful digital publishing strategy and selected the tools that will allow it to respond to changing market needs.

Join us and learn what processes and tools you can implement to maintain agility in the digital publishing space.

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Human Kinetics Selects RSuite CMS as the Foundation to Support Its Digital Publishing Strategy

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 9, 2012 9:55:00 AM

Human Kinetics selects RSuite CMS

Implementing XML-Early Workflow Allows Publisher to Respond to Market Needs

Human Kinetics leads the world in providing information related to physical activity. That information takes many forms: textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books and journals, online courses, software, and audiovisual products. Human Kinetics recently licensed RSuite CMS.

RSuite CMS will deliver several business benefits to Human Kinetics, including the ability to
  1. reuse content components across its many publishing pipelines
  2. integrate information across business systems
  3. streamline publishing workflows
A Word-based editorial workflow in RSuite will transform Human Kinetics’ content into XML and enable further transformations into ePub, mobi, HTML, and PDF formats.

"Human Kinetics selected RSuite CMS as the central repository to store content, related assets, and metadata. RSuite will provide improved search and discovery of content for reuse and provide the underlying structure to automate the creation of both print and digital products.”
- Christopher Hill, VP of product management at Really Strategies, Inc.

“Finding an easy way to implement an early-XML workflow allows us to achieve a single-source multi-channel publishing workflow. Our organization’s digital publishing strategy depends on having tools in place that allow us to be nimble and respond to market demands.”
- Holly Gilly, vice president of product development at Human Kinetics.

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Content Management: the Four Phases of Digital Publishing Transformation

Posted by Barry Bealer on Jan 4, 2012 9:05:00 AM

As publishers transition workflows, tools, and organizational structure to reshape revenue streams so digital revenue exceeds print, I’ve identified the four phases of digital publishing transformation. The  following image captures the phases and the intersection of print and digital revenues.  The four phases comprise---planning, realization, survival, and new world.  As a publisher moves through these phases there are specific events within each phase that cause the publisher to either remain stagnant or move forward to the next phase.

digital publishing transformation

Planning phase. This is a low stress phase where a publisher is just starting to experience a low erosion of print revenue and is experimenting with digital products.  There is a general feeling that something is coming and resources are allotted to begin a digital strategy plan.   Publishers must plan for the move from a tactical content management system to a strategic content management platform  that  can create, package, and distribute content in a highly automated fashion.

Realization phase. A publisher in this phase is beginning to see print revenue decline pretty quickly while electronic product experiments start to gain momentum and generate revenue.  There is a crisis underway in this phase and cultural issues start to emerge across product and editorial teams.  It is in this phase that publishers should look to invest strategically in technology because time-to-market pressure in a multi-channel scenario will be the priority over just the print channel.  In this phase a publisher must look at people, process, and technology to meet the necessary demands of the new publishing environments.  Those who are slow to adopt or embrace change are unlikely to survive.

Survival phase. If the publisher has adequately planned for the transition to a dominant digital revenue stream, this phase will not be as onerous.  If there is an extended realization phase, the survival phase may be short because the publisher just won’t make the transition.  It is during the survival phase when digital revenue numbers get exciting and begin to challenge print revenue. Publishers who enter the survival phase and begin to produce more digital products will move onto the next phase.  These publishers have taken a strategic view of content management.

New world phase. What publishers must embrace in the new world phase is a solid strategic content management platform, production processes that minimize manual intervention and emphasize automation, and a culture of continual improvement.  No longer can departments operate in a vacuum, systems be built on home grown technology, or processes remain stagnant.  The new world phase embraces change and rapid publishing to new channels and devices.  The reward in this phase is the successful transition of print and digital revenue streams. Publishers will see digital sales eclipse print sales and in some exciting cases, digital products can be used to drive print sales. It is in this phase when publishers and product managers can experiment with audiences to understand how the customer is engaged and tweak the delivery of content to customers any time, on any format, on any device.

While certain segments of the publishing industry have moved through this digital publishing transformation, many are still in the planning phases.  Tools that support digital publishing have evolved immensely over the past decade. In fact people and processes tend to take more time to transition to the new speed of digital publishing than the implementation of content management tools.  We developed RSuite, a content management system for publishers, to serve as the core foundation of a digital publishing strategy. Some of the world’s leading publishers and media companies use RSuite---Oxford University Press, Nature Publishing Group, Triumph Learning, Audible, and many more. 

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RSuite CMS launches its support community

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jan 3, 2012 12:11:00 PM

RSuite CMS support community Really Strategies is pleased to announce the launch of the RSuite CMS support community. Really Strategies is dedicated to the success of its customers and partners who have adopted RSuite CMS as a core foundation for their digital publishing strategy. The RSuite CMS support community is a forum where problems are solved, topics are discussed, and ideas are exchanged. All discussions related to the ongoing support of RSuite CMS and its customers are now housed in one secure location that encourages professional discussion as well as submitting and resolving software tickets.

"The RSuite CMS support community provides a central location as well as the tools to communicate with RSuite developers and engage users. This online forum also provides all of our customers and partners a mechanism for direct communication with product management regarding their priorities for the evolution of RSuite CMS as well as insight into the product’s direction.”
--Christopher Hill, VP Product Management, Really Strategies, Inc.
Really Strategies, Inc. will host a webinar on Friday, January 6th to introduce its customers and partners to the new RSuite CMS support community Web site, unveil new capabilities offered by the system for resolving support requests, and introduce forums to allow the RSuite CMS community to engage with each other as well as the development and product management groups at Really Strategies.

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