RSI's CEO to Speak on ALPSP's RFP Panel this Wednesday

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Dec 8, 2015 9:26:27 AM


RSI's CEO and Co-founder, Barry Bealer, will be one of nine speakers at ALPSP's seminar, "Cracking the RFP Code: Strategy & practical guidance for getting the most from RFPs" this Wednesday, December 9th in Philadelphia. Barry will be speaking from the view of a vendor and will be presenting real-world examples of different types of RFP's through brief case studies run by different types of organizations. Coverage will include technology-focused RFPs as well as RFPs for business services. Attention will be given to tips and best practices that will minimize risks and engender success.

 Through presentations, panel discussion, and audience Q&A, attendees will learn:

  • Key differences between RFQs, RFIs, and RFPs, and under what circumstances each is the right tool
  • When to use an RFP, and perhaps more important – when not to
  • The business drivers that lead to the RFP path
  • How to structure RFPs to be less cumbersome and to allow for agile decision making
  • Who to involve in the RFP process and decision making, and how to manage scope in a project team with different agendas and priorities
  • When to involve a consultant to help with RFP management
  • What to expect of vendors RFP bad habits to avoid How to create an RFP that focuses on what really matters to your organization and ensures you can differentiate between vendor offerings

The day will conclude with an audience-participation Q&A panel discussion representing views of publishers, vendors who receive RFPs, and the consultants who manage them, bringing a 360-degree view to the key issues raised during the day. Register now.

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