RSuite CMS Joins the Association of Educational Publishers

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Feb 4, 2013 9:30:00 AM

RSuite Joins the Association of Educational PublishersRSuite CMS, a content management system for publishers, recently joined the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) as an affiliate member. The AEP serves the diverse needs of the entire educational resource community, including publishers, content developers, IT professionals, service providers, researchers, instructors, and communication experts from around the world.

RSuite CMS is the software of choice for many of the world’s leading publishers. Publishing organizations of all sizes use RSuite CMS to search, store, manage, and transform content into print and digital products. Higher education publishers, such as Macmillan Higher Education, and K-12 publishers, such as Triumph Learning, have licensed RSuite CMS to manage complex content and provide quality products and courses to students and instructors.

“The AEP’s vision is to support our thriving educational publishing industry,” explained Jo-Ann McDevitt, vice president, sales, marketing and business development at The Association of Educational Publishers. “Affiliate members provide outstanding services and products to support our community.”

“The educational publishing market faces unique challenges,” stated David Saracco, vice president of business development at RSI Content Solutions.  “Textbook pricing expectations, ancillary materials, customers’ digital demands, learning management systems---all of these situations necessitate that educational publishers manage, produce, and deliver products in an affordable and sustainable way. RSuite CMS is akin to the factory line that provides great efficiencies in content management.”

For more than a decade, RSI Content Solutions (makers of RSuite CMS) has been a trusted content management services and solution provider to the publishing industry. Learn how organizations like Oxford University Press, Macmillan Higher Education, Elsevier Health Science, LexisNexis Pacific, and many others use RSuite CMS and see the latest features of the software at

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