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Posted by Sarah Silveri on May 29, 2014 12:13:00 PM

Meeting RSuite CMS at AAP's Content in Context

RSuite CMS will exhibit at booth #11 at the Association for Educational Publishers’ Content in Context Conference (CIC) from June 2-4 in Washington, D.C. CIC aims to present a range of informative and practical sessions that address all issues relating to the development and distribution of high-quality learning resources.

“RSuite CMS provides an ideal foundation for the educational publishing community," stated Dave Saracco, vice president of business development at RSuite CMS.

RSuite CMS is a searchable repository where educational publishers store all content and assets, implement an XML publishing workflow, manage the ever increasing amount of learning objects and, of course, tag metadata. RSuite CMS is used by Macmillan Higher Education, Oxford University Press, Human Kinetics, and others.

Interested in learning how RSuite CMS can manage your educational content? Schedule a meeting with an RSuite CMS specialist at the AEP's CIC event by clicking here.


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Lisa Bos, Co-founder, RSuite CMS to Speak at the 2013 PSP Journals Committee Meeting

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Jul 15, 2013 8:54:00 AM

Lisa Bos, Speaker at 2013 AAP's PSPLisa Bos, CTO CTO/EVP, Publishing Solutions, Co-founder will speak at the Association of American Publisher’s (AAP) Professional Scholarly Publishers (PSP) Journals Committee meeting in NYC on July 24 from noon to 1pm E.D.T. She will provide a general overview of DITA, including the tools and practical steps of using it. In addition, Lisa will provide a brief demonstration of RSuite CMS and will review transformations that bring home the value of DITA.

“My experience in the publishing industry has shown me that we often become too close to our individual publishing processes,” stated Lisa Bos. “The presentation at AAP’s PSP, ‘DITA 101’, will provide an insight to the big picture of publishing with DITA, the basics of using it, and the ways that publishers can take advantage of DITA to facilitate content reuse, automation, and digital production.”

Since 2007, RSuite CMS, has been a trusted content management solution to the publishing industry. Learn how organizations like Oxford University Press, Elsevier Health Science, LexisNexis Pacific, and many others use RSuite CMS and see the latest features of the software at

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