SLACK, Inc., Implements RSuite CMS for Automated Distribution of Journal Content

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Jul 19, 2011 10:48:00 AM

SLACK, Inc. is an independent STM publishing company founded in 1923. SLACK publishes a combination of products, including books, journals, and newspapers. SLACK implemented RSuite CMS by Really Strategies, Inc. as its content management system (CMS) to automate distribution of its journal content to licensing channels.

“RSuite has replaced many manual processes performed by production and support staff,” said Jennifer Kilpatrick, Editorial Director of SLACK, Inc Healthcare Books and Journals. “In addition, it has allowed seamless automated delivery to our partners and websites. This has created more business opportunities and provided a searchable repository for our journal content for future repurposing.”

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Topics: RSuite, CMS for publishers

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