Lisa Bos to Speak at 2012 MarkLogic World

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Apr 26, 2012 11:41:00 AM

Lisa Bos to Speak at MarkLogic World

Compromise Will Set You Free: Lessons Learned From RSuite CMS Implementations

RSI Content Solutions' Lisa Bos will speak at the 2012 MarkLogic World Conference next week in Washington DC. Lisa serves as the CTO and EVP of publishing solutions with primary responsibility for the RSuite CMS product vision and engineering. Lisa is a recognized industry professional and an expert in the design of XML-based content management systems.

Her presentation at MarkLogic World, “Compromise Will Set You Free,” presents lessons learned during RSuite CMS implementations about simplifying projects. Lisa explains

“Our customers invest significant time, energy, and money to collect their assets into a central content management system. They do so with vital strategic goals in mind—single-source publishing, content discovery, and rapid product evolution. But many sabotage their efforts by resisting compromises intended to reduce the complexity and inconsistency of their systems, workflow processes, and content. Instead, they get bogged down with painful specifications and conversions—from Word to XML, from XML to InDesign, and so on—and they are distracted from the goals that are truly key to their success."

Lisa will share ideas and customer experiences that will inspire publishers, media companies, and content-centric organizations to make some tough decisions that result in simpler, more successful projects and that make them wonder why they resisted compromise in the first place.

The 2012 MarkLogic World Conference is May 1 to 3 in Washington, DC. It is the premier event for organizations looking to collaborate with and learn from leading industry experts, partners, customers, and MarkLogic employees on how you can turn “Big Data” into “Big Ideas.”

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