RSuite Customer, SAGE Publications, Wins 2012 APEX Award for Publishing Excellence

Posted by Marianne Calihanna on Aug 3, 2012 10:15:00 AM

SAGE Publications uses RSuite CMS for automated distributionSAGE Open is a new open access publication from SAGE Publications. It publishes peer-reviewed, original research and review articles in an interactive, open access format. Articles may span the full spectrum of the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.

SAGE recently won its first award, the 2012 APEX Award for Publishing Excellence. SAGE Open recently published its 100th journal article after winning the prestigious APEX Award. The success of this journal has lead to the recent announcement of three new open access journals for SAGE: SAGE Open Engineering, SAGE Open Medical Case Reports, and SAGE Open Medicine.

SAGE Publications has been using RSuite CMS for automated content distribution for the past 5 years and has recognized impressive gains in the organization:

  • SAGE is now producing more than 600 journals – double the output of 2 years ago – without addition of staff to its journal publishing technologies team
  • 5years ago, SAGE had fewer than 100 digital assets online. By the end of 2012, SAGE is expecting to have more than 5,000 online digital assets.
  • with the improved searchability and metatagging provided by RSuite CMS, SAGE is now able to provide its clients with precise figures regarding the number of articles in their archive related to specific topics, along with the ability to provide controlled access to its library of content.

Congratulations SAGE Publications!

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