You might need a content management system...

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Nov 8, 2013 2:10:00 PM

Content management for publishersDo you create, edit, or manage content? You might need a content management system.

Even in 2013, publishers both large and small don't yet have a grasp on benefits of a content management system and how much easier it can make their publishing process. Then again, what do you, as a publisher, consider to be "content"? For different publishers, content means different things. Do you consider it to be a Word document? Is content a PDF, ePub, or something else? Dare I ask if you consider video a piece of content? Truthfully, the word "content" has morphed over the last few years and for publishers and therefore, content has truly become everything from a Word document to a video.

So, let me help clear any confusion and give you, the publisher, a few benefits of what content management system for publishers can do for you:

    1. Streamline your publishing workflow. With RSuite CMS, there's no need to switch back and forth all day between your email and your content. Upload your content to RSuite, assign it to the next person in your publishing process, then edit it all from within our system.
    2. Speaking of editing, do you use Microsoft Word when composing and editing your content? Bring your process into RSuite. Transform the Word document into XML automatically to meet your multi-channel publishing goals. RSuite handles the entire end-to-end process.
    3. Package your content in an automated fashion and distribute it to your licensing partners. In many cases this process can be 100% automated based on the business rules that you define.
Whether you're an STM journal publisher with a goal of publishing hundreds of journal articles each year, a magazine publisher, or an educational book publisher, your goal should be to publish your material in the most effective and efficient way possible. RSuite is the content management system for publishers, both large and small.
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CEO/Co-founder of RSI, Barry Bealer, to Moderate STM Panel at Publishing Business Conference

Posted by Sarah Silveri on Sep 23, 2013 7:00:00 AM

CEO/Co-founder of RSI, Barry Bealer, to Moderate STM Panel

Barry Bealer, CEO/Co-founder of RSI Content Solutions, makers of RSuite CMS, will moderate the STM panel “Lessons For Trade Publishers From STM Publishers” at NAPCO’s Business Conference and Expo on Tuesday, September 24 at 11:05 AM EDT. This major event brings publishers dozens of sessions specifically geared toward book and magazine publishing executives.

This session will engage a panel of STM publishing executives to discuss the benefits of XML-early workflows, cultural changes necessary to adopt new technology, and barriers to change. Trade publishers will gain insight from decades of XML experience from the STM publishing community. Attendees will learn the main areas all publishers need to address to take full advantage of digital opportunities, how to determine where best to implement XML into your workflow, and gain ideas for successfully unifying content management and digital asset management.


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